We Interrupt Your Regularly-Scheduled Blog Post…

I would not normally write a post this short and sweet, but this simply could not wait.

Tonight after the final performance of Bluebeard’s Castle in Shanghai, Daveda and I went to the Sky Dome Bar on the 47th floor of the Radisson Hotel so we could have a few drinks and look out at the Shanghai skyline.

Well, there was an epic performance by a *bad* Filipino keyboard band headlined by Ron Perlman himself in Beauty and the Beast attire. We enjoyed their wonder Engrish versions of various tunes, but the highlight of the evening is what prompted this post. At one point they played “Brow Hole Grrr”, or what we would refer to in America as Brown Eyed Girl.

You simple have not lived until you have heard a terrible Filipino keyboard band play Brown Eyed Girl on the 47th floor of a skycraper in downtown Shanghai, China.

Thank you Shanghai. Thank you!

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BayouSeptember 8th, 2011 at 12:57 AM

hahahahaha! What a way to end your Asian trip!! LOL!!